The Jonathan Holiday School

The Jonathan Holiday School was built in the memory of Jonathan Holiday by his parents Michael and Carole Holiday, family and friends in partnership with CanAssist Africa Relief Trust and Worlds Collide Africa. There are currently 384 students enrolled at The Jonathan Holiday School in grades 1 through 8. 

The school is located beside the Tchukudu Kids Home and the Tchukudu Women’s Centre. The students are from the Tchukudu Kids Home and the Tchukudu Kids living with Welcome (Foster) Families. In addition, two children from each of the women in the Tchukudu Women’s Training Centre can receive free education here and the Welcome Families and can send one child from their homes to school for free as well.

The funds raised by the Art of Courage for the Jonathan Holiday School go towards:

  • Uniforms
  • School supplies
  • Teachers supplies
  • Operational and Utility costs (building maintenance, equipment, water, electricity)
  • Teacher and Assistant’s salaries
  • PPE and safety measures

About Worlds Collide Africa (WCA)
WCA works with the local population in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, empowering local people who are driven to help the most vulnerable women and children.

About Kizungu Hubert
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