The Tchukudu Kids Home

The Tchukudu Kids Home was the first completed project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo by World's Collide Africa.

In 2012, Heather Haynes (founder of the Art of Courage) met Kizungu Hubert, a Congolese man caring for 16 orphaned children in Goma. Upon learning about Kizungu’s tireless efforts to give these children a safe home, Heather felt called to help however she could. From that moment on, she worked alongside Kizungu, helping him raise the funds to build a home for the children. The home, now called the Tchukudu Kids Home, was completed in 2013.

Under Kizungu’s leadership as Director of Operations, a dedicated team of staff and volunteers now care for 140 orphaned children, providing food, safety, education and most importantly love.

The youngest children live in the Home and the older children live with Welcome (Foster) Families in the community.

The funds raised by the Art of Courage for the Tchukudu Kids Home go towards:

  • Food and nutrition
  • Shelter and safety
  • Clothing, toiletries and daily needs
  • Education fees, uniforms and school supplies
  • Financial support for Welcome Families
  • Operational and Utility costs (building maintenance, equipment)
  • Support staff wages (caregivers, cooks, security guards)

About Worlds Collide Africa (WCA)
WCA works with the local population in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, empowering local people who are driven to help the most vulnerable women and children.

About Kizungu Hubert
Kizungu is the Director of Operations at Worlds Collide Africa, managing all projects on the ground, including overseeing the accounting and finances. Read more