Meet Kizungu Hubert

Director of Operations | WCA

Kizungu Hubert was born on Idjwi Island in 1962. He was raised by a single mother, a native of Idjwi Island. Kizungu went to highschool in Goma, living with uncles and older siblings who helped pay his school fees.

Kizungu was a very bright student however he had a speech stutter which children made fun of. In the DRC, stuttering puts you on the outside of society, similar to those with albinism, and those with physical or mental health disabilities. Kizungu’s mother told him that only God knows the future and would not discriminate or marginalize any person.

After receiving a degree of Economics at Lubumbashi University he worked as a financial manager for a German NGO and then for a Swedish orphanage in Masisi. Masisi became too insecure from infiltration of rebel forces so the orphanage moved to Goma.

The orphanage funding was then abandoned for lack of funds from the Swedish NGO. This is when Kizungu decided to form his own non-profit to help support the then 16 children. The orphanage, renamed The Tchukudu Kids Home, is now home to 140 children.

Kizungu is the Director of Operations at Worlds Collide Africa, managing all projects on the ground, including overseeing the accounting and finances. 

Kizungu currently lives in the City of Goma with his wife, Rachel, and 2 young children. Kizungu and Rachel are the father and mother figure to all 140 children at The Tchukudu Kids Home. Kizungu has helped thousands and thousands of people, living each day for the most vulnerable in society. In his own words, he sees himself and his mother in each of the stories he bears witness too.

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